Bringing a child into this world is an absolute miracle and it's so important to capture this time that passes so quickly. While the first weeks after your baby is born are so great to capture, there's so much more. The Belly to Baby package covers that amazing maternity time, the perfect baby rolls after your tiny human is born, the silly faces they make at 6 months and the new milestones they've hit when they are one! 




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1. You will get a 2 hour break. From the moment you walk in, i can take care of your tiny human if you’d like. I cuddle them, and change them, and wrap them in darling wraps. You can relax on the couch and enjoy watching or even go grab a drink at Eli’s on me!

2. I will cuddle your tiny human and fawn over them. I just love babies and a friend even said I'm borderline ridiculous in how much I love their tiny details. I have always loved holding and snuggling them.

3. Your baby may cry or poop or pee and not cooperate. But that’s ok! She is a baby and it’s all to be expected. If I get pooped on, don’t apologize! It’s the job I signed up for.

4. I take every precaution to make the studio a comfortable, safe, germ free environment. I know that your tiny human is fragile and I make sure to respect that.

5. I will give you amazing images to look back on and remember all the tiny and perfect details of your tiny human at this age. She is your newborn for a few weeks, she is your child forever. You will love looking back at these images.

When you book me as your family photographer,

I promise...