I'm Kristi



My tiny human is already almost three. I’ve hit the third decade of my life and I’ve realized that while I’ve been so busy, life is passing by. I’ve forgotten to photograph all of these really important moments. I forget how small my tiny human's hands were when he was born at 4 pounds. I forget the look that my husband gave me right before we got married. I mean, let’s be real…. most days I forget what I had for breakfast. This is why I hire a professional photographer each year, to help me remember these times that are moving way too fast.

I know hiring a professional photographer can seem like a daunting task.

When will I have time? What will I wear? When will I have time to even do anything with these images? Will they just sit in my desk on a USB collecting dust? 

I KNOW these questions are going through your mind. So let me put your mind at ease and tell you a few things about me and a few things I promise will happen if you hire me as your photographer:

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I’m a believer. He guides my life and I live for Him.


we were high school sweethearts. He’s a fireman and sometimes I just feel like I married the hero I always dreamed of. Our life is crazy different with a fire schedule, but we love it.

I love my hubby.


this is what I call my son. It’s kind of caught on around here and everyone asks me how my tiny human is. 

i have a tiny human.

Like so corny...

Knock Knock, who’s there, Interrupting cow… interrupting MOOOOOOOOOOOO. That’s my favorite.

I tell corny jokes at my sessions.

I love taking old furniture and making it new, or just putting random things together to make something BEAUTIFUL. My house and studio are a combination of old and new and I love combining the two to make unique spaces.

i love Making things out of nothing.

My superpower is sleeping. I can sleep in a car, on a train, in a plane... I'm beginning to sound like Dr. Seuss. But really, I can sleep wherever I am at any time. I love sleep.

I have a superpower.




I have an addiction. I have lots of them. Everywhere. My grandma does too, like a crazy amount. They are just something we’ve always loved.

i am a little owl obsessed.

Again, I have tons of these… usually sitting next to an owl. I started collecting them and they’ve just become a part of my house and studio.

i have antique cameras. 

I’m very involved at church with our youth group.  most of the time, i am hanging out with
16-year-olds instead of

I hang out with high schoolers.

Like lock myself in my car or burn my hair on a candle... tonight, I freaked out because there was a noise, and I called my brother-in-law…. it was my son’s toy. These things happen on a daily basis. I don’t take life too seriously.

I do stupid things. 

I cannot keep them alive. Even a cactus that doesn’t need water. It will die on my watch.

I Kill Plants.

Like serial killer murderers. I don’t know, I think I just like to pretend that I know how to catch the bad guys. And then when things happen in real life…. I feel like I know exactly what to do.

I love murder shows.

 I wish someone would come into my life and just tell me what to wear. 

I Hate Shopping.

Before knowing what is going on, i immediately think that a catastrophe has happened, and i get it all figured out how i am going to fix this worst-case scenario. 

I’m a worst-case scenario person.

What Makes me?