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*11.3 million businesses in the United States are owned by women (aka #momboss)

*Those businesses employ nearly 9 million people

*They generate over $1.6 trillion

*Between 2007 and 2016, the number of women- owned businesses increased by 45%

These numbers are absolutely amazing. There are millions and millions of women starting their own business and rocking it. And I would venture to bet that quite a few of those women are mama’s and have tiny human’s running around in their lives.

Somedays, the thought of getting out of bed, getting my tiny guy ready, getting lunch together and packing for the day, finding time to workout and then finally getting to work sounds too exhausting to handle, so I hit the snooze button about 120 times. Anyone else? Because as a small business owner, going to work means hustling ALL DAY LONG. And then coming home and thinking about dinner (shout out to my amazing husband who makes dinner a lot for us) and then cleaning up the house and anything else that needs done at home and then doing the never ending fight of bedtime that happens these days. This mom is tired. And I know I’m not the only one feeling like this. Remember…11.3 million of you have started businesses and chances are a large percentage have kids and feel me.

Don’t get me wrong, being a small business owner is an extremely blessing in my life. And being a mother has been an even bigger blessing. But #mombosses, how do we do this? How do we balance work life and home life?

I am the first to admit that I fail at this daily even hourly. But something I’ve learned recently is that if we as women and as #mombosses work together to come along side each other, we can achieve amazing things. Things like $1.6 trillion. 


3. Boundaries are our friend…

“Be strong in structure: time at home should be focused on family and not worrying about business. my children see my eyes down on my phone way too much worrying about followers, other people, emails, etc. (I need to do so much better about that!)

– Julie Morr – owner of Julie Morr Photography


“Set working hours… if it’s not a working time then set the phone down and be present with your family.”

– Erica Cargle – owner of Cargle Photography

2. Work Smarter, not Harder!

“Batch Projects!” Check out more of what Cyrissa means in her blogpost HERE! – Cyrissa Carlson – owner of Immerse Photography and The Sparkle Society


1. Family First!

“The thing I try to remind myself is that family comes first, then my business. Also, when troubles arise I tend to get short tempered. I often take it out on my kids or husband. I try to remember to pray about the situation first and ask God to help me to be anxious about nothing, but in all things praise Him.”

– Jenn Campbell – owner of Time to Shine and TWO, yes two Dairy Queens.


“When running a business that you are passionate about, try not to let it overtake you….. family still comes first!” – Ann Dill – owner of Floral Designs


“When you set aside time to be with your kids be fully with your kids. Don’t answer your phone, don’t check your emails, don’t worry about who is contacting you on Facebook messenger. The reality is this isn’t possible every time you are with your kids, but make sure to set times that it is happening. Your customers and employees can handle it for a bit and they won’t be harmed. Your kids will remember if you are never fully present. Being at the baseball game is great, but when you miss the Home run hit because you were looking at your phone answering an email you will never be able to get that back (speaking from experience here, I have missed too many moments because I wasn’t fully there)” – Janice Yoder – owner of Adore Bridal & The Boss Society


“Be flexible with yourself. Some days you’ll be able to focus on your business 100% and some days you’ll need to focus on your family 100%. Allow yourself the grace to focus as needed without feeling guilty.” – Brittany Jones – owner of Something Old Event Rentals 


So momma’s, we CAN be a rocking small business owner, and we CAN have an enriched life as a wife and mom. We CAN do it all. Because God made us strong, amazing, #momboss women.



Statistics from www.womenable.com