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It’s Mother’s Day and as I walked by women in church, they smiled and said “Happy Mothers Day,” And I, being the mess I am, re-adjust two bags and make sure I’m still holding my tiny human, who keeps taking his shoes off on the way in, making us even later then we already are, reply “Oh, you too.” Smile again. I think it’s so great that we have a day to celebrate mothers because they do so much for us and to really take a day to show them we love them and care and what we do as a mom is important.

My tiny human brought home a pink box and with much excitement in his voice said, “Here, Mommy, for you! I open it though.” Ha. But it was so sweet of him to bring something to me.

But I also know that today can be a hard day for some. It’s hard for those women who God hasn’t shown the man they are going to marry and they haven’t had the opportunity to start a family. It’s hard for those women who are just struggling to get pregnant. For some reason or another, God has chosen that it wasn’t her¬†time. It’s hard for those women who have lost children, or their own mother. It’s also hard for women who have children and desire more, but that isn’t happening right now. And while this day is a happy, joyful day to celebrate all the amazing women in our life… it’s not lost on me that this day has a lot of hurt and grief alongside the joy.

I think these women aren’t thought about enough. If they were, people wouldn’t throw around the common phrase, “When are you having a kid, it’s about time don’t you think, you’ve been married long enough.” Well, maybe she thinks, but God doesn’t apparently. Or the wonderful line… this always seems to happen when she’s holding a 3 month baby on her hip. “When are ya having another one?” Wait, what? Let her enjoy this one and see what God has in store. And I’ll share one I get frequently that can be hard to hear. “When are you having more? You don’t want your tiny human to be an only child… he’ll be pretty spoiled if he’s your only one.” Oh, girlllll, if you only knew the thoughts going through my head and my smack down attitude starts to come boiling up. Because you see, what that woman didn’t know is that I went into labor at 25 weeks with my tiny human. And that woman didn’t know that bringing my son into the world was one of the hardest experiences on my marriage, my life and effected in me in more ways I can count. And she didn’t know that if I were able (Lord, willing) to get pregnant again, my body is not built to carry full term.

I know all of these questions sound innocent. But I just want to bring awareness to the fact that there are women hurting because they long for a child and God has closed that door for now. And women who hurt so deeply because they’ve lost a child. Be careful with your words. Let’s encourage each other and lift each other up.

So, I wish ALL WOMEN, a Happy Mother’s Day. You each serve such a perfect role in His Kingdom and I think all deserve a day to be honored.


All amazing photos are taken by my dear friend Elsie Jo Photography! Check her out!


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