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Megan and Brad had a gorgeous but rainy wedding in Springfield. Luckily, the rain was not something that they were going to let ruin their big day. There are so many small, memorable moments from this day, I couldn’t even begin to list them all. From her mom showing Megan her bouquet for the first time and Megan finding the pictures on it to Megan’s dad doing a choreographed dance with her during the Daddy/Daughter dance. Megan was on the dance team in high school and Steve made an appearance on the dance floor so it was super sweet that he joined her and did an amazing choreographed dance with her. I’ve known Megan for yearrrrs. Maybe more then years. I know I’ve said this on blog post after blog post but it really is so special to me that different friends throughout my life trust me with capturing their special day. I love all my brides and being a part of their day, but it’s definitely such a fun experience when I know the family.

The moment when Megan’s mom showed her the bouquet was such a sweet one. I love capturing these and I may have even shed a tear myself. I know, I’m sappy!

Megan’s dad is so fun. He’s always laughing and made the day so light hearted even though there were rain storms coming through, every one seemed to keep their spirits up.

This picture makes me laugh so hard. I love that everyone is so excited and then Brad has the straightest face. He’s a prison guard… so maybe that’s an appropriate face. 🙂

One of my favorite pictures from their day… “do your best impression of Megan.” It’s always so funny what the girls come up with.

I have seen so many unity ceremonies, but this one was so cute. Both Megan and Brad poured sand into this frame with a picture of them in it. I loved this idea!

This was another moment that I may have cried for just a second. Megan’s dad had kept this picture with him since she was young and he gave it to her. I mean how sweet?

That Cubs/Cardinals rivalry in IL showing up. I always laugh at how passionate people get about their team. And when Marissa put this on for her speech it was definitely a moment to remember.

I TOLD YOU. A sweet choreographed dance between Megan and her Dad. He rocks at dancing!

So much so that he was killing it on the dance floor with the bridesmaids.

This wedding definitely had it’s share of dancers and I think the dance floor was full the entire time I was there!

I love it when my brides and grooms give me just a few moments at sunset. The day is wrapping up, they’ve gotten married, celebrated and then there’s something just magical about that moment later after all the scheduled festivities. Such a sweet, intimate moment.


Well, that’s a wrap!