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It’s about time I get real here folks. I have been a little MIA on social media for the past year or so and it’s time for me to admit the real reason why.

tiny human studio harry potter glasses

I’m not perfect.

Whoa, did this blow your mind? For real. I felt the need for my Instagram feed to be beautiful, and everything that went onto Facebook be perfectly curated and to have wise, incredible words on my blog. And when those things weren’t happening, I felt it wasn’t good enough to post. I looked like a hot mess on Christmas morning and my husband lacks some camera skills, so most images are out of focus and aren’t “perfect” enough to share. My tiny human typically has snot running down his nose and applesauce on his shirt, so nope, those can’t be shared. And I always have about 8 double chins when I’m in photos, so again, those aren’t getting posted. I only wanted the images that were beautiful, but again, THIS ISN’T REAL.

I guess I’ve just decided to be done with that. The more I speak to women, the more I realize we all have these struggles. We are all fighting insecurities in one way or another and we all strive to put the perfect life on social media so that the world things we have it all together. Well, I don’t I have it all together, and that’s ok. I don’t mind you knowing that.

My hope and prayer is that this space can be filled with real life. My snotty nosed tiny human, my 8 double chins and all. Because the true story is that my life isn’t perfect. I struggle with life as wife, mom and business owner. My family has had a hard 2 years and my marriage isn’t perfect and I have anxiety because of the way my tiny human entered this world. And I’m not the best photographer on the planet, my exposures aren’t perfect and my skin tones don’t always match, but in 2016 my goal is to let it all go and be me. I’m ready to share my imperfect life. Because this life is perfect for me. It’s where God has me and I have decided to rejoice in it.  I’m blessed to be able to have a job I love, capturing people I love, and be surrounded by friends and family I love, and that’s enough.

Do you want to keep me accountable to this real life journey? On the left, click subscribe and follow along. Comment and message me and let me know where you struggle in life. I love connecting with others who are going through similar things as me, or even if we aren’t, let’s be imperfect together.

And my tiny human doesn’t wear glasses, but he found these cute little prop glasses waiting for his cousin’s shoot and had to try them on. So of course I grabbed the camera.

<3 Kristi

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