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Panic; we’re hanging here…. that’s what my phone was displaying one Saturday morning. I saw that white apple screen, you know, the one where you know your phone is about to turn on, and then suddenly black lines with error codes. I knew it didn’t look good, and when I read the bottom line, I knew my beautiful iPhone was done. Panic; we’re hanging here. For real, that’s what it said.

Sometimes, it’s the smallest things that spark the biggest fire in me. On this day, the inconvenience of my phone dying had done it. It had sparked inside me and I knew a full on fire was about to begin. I felt it all throughout me. My neck tensed, my breath picked up, I wanted to yell. That emotion called anger, plagues me like no other.

As I sat staring at my lifeless iPhone, it rose quickly. You see Satan knows how to get me. He knows that anger is my weak point and that if he can get me tense, if he can get me angry, he can cause me to be a sinful person. I’m 30 and have dealt with this emotion far too many times and I’m still looking for ways every time to calm me down and send anger away. ¬†On this day in particular, I was texting a friend… you know the angry texting. Where you are pounding your keys so hard, and typing so fast it barely makes sense. She calmly said to me, find a way to get it out and relax.

A friend had given me an adult coloring book and pencils for my birthday and just recently I had seen the instagram account @illustratedfaith. My mom gifted me a beautiful journaling bible for Christmas, so I decided to pull out my colored pencils, pull out my Bible and just draw. Draw and reflect on the Word. I colored, prayed, and meditated on what was in front of me for almost an hour and guess what. Satan didn’t win that day.

I share this because I know there are more of you that are with me. You were reading and thought… me too. You know the power of anger and the fire inside. Get out your colored pencils, pull out your violin, or whatever it is that you love and then get into the Word. And don’t let Satan win today. Don’t let anger win today.

In case you were incredibly worried about my iPhone situation, Verizon shipped me a phone so fast that I think it went through time to get here. So no worries, friends. I’m all good.