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Ok, I admit it. I’m terrible with names. There may be a chance that you walk up to me and we know each other very well, yet I can’t think of your name. This is a daily problem. I’ve gotten much better at kindly asking for people’s name, but it’s still rather embarrassing most of the time. I’ve even been known to call a groom the wrong name on some occasions. (Sorry, Zach!) <–See I got it right!

So before a wedding, I grab my itinerary and read the names over and over and I pray that something sticks. I hope that maybe the Mother of the Groom’s name will make a place in my head so when I’m doing family pictures and yelling like a mad woman, the word YOU doesn’t come out of my mouth. But, it typically does. Or Mom. I call everyone Mom and Dad. And if you are the bride’s grandma, you are now my grandma.

What does this have to do with Chase & Hailey?

I love these two. I know I say it every time, I know it. But, for real, I do. When they came in for their final meeting to talk over all the details of the day, I think I laughed with them the entire time and the meeting may have been double the time it should have taken because we got very off topic. During he engagement shoot, I had remembered Chase telling me he was a twin. Identical.

I think twins are fascinating. There are two of you?! That seems to always be my response when I find out someone is a twin. It just amazes me. Anyway, I told Hailey and Chase that I could tell them apart, and I would on their wedding day. Oh Kristi, why do I say these things. So the morning of the wedding I found myself on the handy dandy Facebook practicing. Ok, this one is Chase. Oh, there’s Chase.

I walked into the wedding and that was the only thing on my mind. Find Chase. I am happy to report that when I walked into the guys getting ready, I pointed and made a nice big scene that I knew which twin was Chase. 🙂

Chase & Hailey, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your wedding day in Bloomington. It was a beautiful day and I will always remember our romantic carriage ride together. 😉



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