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bridal show tips


And we’ve made it. Bridal Show Tip #5, the last one. The show is tomorrow, you have a game plan, your comfy shoes set out and you are ready to take on the show. One last tip!

Tip #5 – Bring a friend

Bridal shows are very exhausting but having a friend along for the ride makes it so much easier and more fun. Don’t bring your whole tribe as sometimes too many opinions can make it hard to make a decision. You also want to be able to pay attention to all the vendors, not be distracted by your friends who are so fun to be with. Bring someone that you trust their opinion and they have a good understanding of what you are looking for. Let her be the note taker, the pamphlet keeper, the giveaway enterer. There are so many things this friend can do to make your experience at the bridal show so much easier.

So, Weddings Unveiled is tomorrow! Will I see you? Tomorrow morning, I’m going to announce a contest/giveaway over on my snap story, so go check that out in the am. My instagram is kristileephotographer. And then watch my snap story and insta story for all the behind the scenes of the day.

I can’t wait and I hope these tips helped ease some nerves before your first bridal show!

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