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bridal show tips

Today’s tip about attending a bridal show is an important one, in my opinion. While I do think planning ahead, talking to vendors and wearing comfortable shoes is a must, this next tip may save you some heartache!

Tip #4 – Don’t wait to book

You are at the show and you’ve found the perfect photographer. You guys connected, you love her style, her price is right, and it just seems like the stars have aligned… BOOK HER!

There will always be more choices, but if you want to make sure you get a photographer you connect with, then book the photographer you are connecting with. A lot of times vendors are booking at shows and immediately following the show, so if you decide to wait to book, there’s a possibility that vendor is no longer available on your wedding date. A lot of vendors only have the ability to take on one wedding a day. Walking away from that vendor is potentially walking away from them all together. We run businesses that feed our children and help support our families, so we do what we can to fully book our calendar. Unfortunately, if this happens to you, you are back to square one with that vendor category.

Go to the bridal show ready to book a few vendors. Bring checks or credit card for deposits and be ok with finding the perfect DJ or perfect wedding planner or perfect photographer…. ahem, I’ll be there, remember. 🙂

Tip #5 is tomorrow!!! And if you’ve read this far and stuck with this series, you may want to check the blog on Saturday. Let’s just say the words give and away with be used together. Have you registered to come to the Weddings Unveiled show yet? Well, you need to! See you soon!


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