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bridal show tips

Today we are back talking about tips for attending a bridal show. And if you are looking to attend one, you should check out Weddings Unveiled and register here. So you’ve made your plan, now what?

Tip #2 – Wear comfortable Shoes!
Girl, I know that you look super hot in those black stiletto pumps or that pair of darling new boots you got for Christmas that have a heel. It’s tempting to wear them to the bridal show because let’s be real… there are tons of other brides and you want to look like you’ve got it all put together. I know that feeling. As a vendor I feel the same way. You know I’ll be curling my hair, finding a cute outfit and then top it all of with… wait, those ugly comfy shoes? Yep. Please, for the love of your feet, wear comfy shoes. The show is pretty big with booth after booth in those large rooms. You are walking through aisles and talking with vendors while standing, and you want to make sure you are comfortable so you aren’t tempted to ditch out early because your toes are screaming at you. There aren’t many places to sit. Sometimes a vendor has a random piece of furniture in their booth, but you better want to talk if you are going to park it on their couch.

Your feet will thank me later, I promise.

PS – I love cake if your feet think to thank me at the bridal show…. Just sayin.

Come back tomorrow for Tip #3. <3

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